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Web Info
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Web Design is different for every person or business. We do most of our work without ever seeing our customers. Look over what we offer, then send us an email if we can help.


  • Domain name development. This is the first step that anyone should concider before you think about entering the WWW. Time spent here will make your web site more accessible and easy to remember for return years later.
  • Domain name registration - The formal step of registering and re-registering your name for the WWW.
  • Domain Name Services - Find the best service to provide  your DNS.
  • Hosting
    A good full feature web hosting service. JESCO webs home page is hosted with Host4Yourself
  • Web page content and layout - This is what people read once you have gotten them to the site. We are not big in to graphics, too time consuming. We are big into getting our site listed at the top, and we design with that in mind all the way.
  • Promoting the website with correct search and design - This is where a small and simple web site will get listed higher on a search than a large incorrectly written site. We use Meta tags and a proven design to get our sites listed in the top 10.




Starter web $300
Add page $50/page
Maintenance $20/mo
Photo Gallery $100
Typing $150/hr.


Send mail to scott@jescowebs.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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